On the Mat, Off the Mat

Class themes

February Classes

In January we focused mainly on all aspects of standing poses, from the basics, to balancing and standing twists. Standing poses not only build strength and flexibility in the legs, hips and knees, but the back, neck and shoulders also gain increased mobility. The physiological benefits of this include improved digestion, circulation and breathing. Standing poses form the foundation for the rest of the categories of poses. These poses are where we learn about correct movement and alignment which then carries through to everyday life as we move around be it walking, sitting or standing.

We will be building on this in February by starting to apply the principles we learned in standing poses to other postures. I will include  seated postures, including forward bends as well as some gentle backbends. February is probably our hottest month here in Cape Town, so come enjoy these long summer evenings with me in Muizenberg, when it’s cooled off from the heat of the day.