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Class themes

February Classes

In January we focused mainly on all aspects of standing poses, from the basics, to balancing and standing twists. Standing poses not only build strength and flexibility in the legs, hips and knees, but the back, neck and shoulders also gain increased mobility. The physiological benefits of this include improved digestion, circulation and breathing. Standing poses form the… Continue reading

Class themes

January classes

Welcome back to class! This month we’ll focus on strengthening your poses from the ground up. So shake off the holiday sluggishness and begin your new year by settling your mind and reconnecting with your body and your breath. Commit to a consistent practice this year to help create more space and ease in your… Continue reading

Class themes

December classes

The sun sets really late now, it’s even still light when class starts. Here is my class breakdown for December. I have a lot of varied and active classes planned to keep things interesting. Bring a buddy to share some asana during these beautiful summer nights! Please note my last class for the year will… Continue reading