On the Mat, Off the Mat

On the mat

Yoga and Sound Day Workshop – 10 Feb 2019

It’s always a fascinating experience collaborating across different disciplines – it attracts a more curious and interesting group of people and last Sunday was no exception. I met Dave and Ronan pretty early at Sangha Spot, as they had a pretty large collection of instruments to unpack and set up. Just before 10am, everybody started arriving and then it was time to enjoy an hour of yoga together. It’s a challenge to plan a class when you don’t know the experience and condition of the students so I opted to keep a simple, straight-forward, classical Iyengar based sequence. My theme was to explore the meaning of “Sadhana” which is translated as practice.

Another meaning of Sadhana is an instrument, and this was explained to me when I was in India in November at Firooza’s intensive at Tarab-Ling, near Dehradun (watch out for an post about my totally epic trip to India in November 2018), so I worked with using the body and the practice as the instrument with the breath that animates it and allows us to experience the deeper work of the poses.

After the asana class, we were treated to an hour of an audio odyssey from Ronan and Dave. Using various musical and interesting sounds, we were transported on a relaxing journey where the mind wandered off via the sounds to magical places.

A delicious lunch was served thanks to Dave’s adept cooking skills, and after lunch, they played several songs and music which ended all too soon and it was time to go home. All in all, a great way to spend the morning. 🙂